New Intranet Features

With improved Intranet customization options, you increase engagement by providing your employees with easy access and up-to date information on what is most important to them.

Your Homepage Customization

Did you know personalizing your homepage to not only give employees fast access to what they need, but also to match your company culture can increase engagement significantly?

In this release, we improved the MangoApps Homepage Customization capability, so now both users and admins can configure items that appear on the homepage navigation list in minutes. Homepage customization allows users to control specific Intranet modules, apps, and shortcuts. They can set up their homepage in a way that allows for 1-click access to the items that mean most to them.

As admins, you can set defaults for the homepage navigation of all users to improve the starting experience when users first log in. Users can add new custom items, remove existing ones, relabel items, drag and drop items, and position the homepage navigation to align with their work requirements. Users can also use homepage navigation to solve any discover-ability/find-ability issues they might have by creating a shortcut to any page instantly.


Company Intranet Pages Layout Customizations

Studies show an up-to-date Intranet solution results in a 20% increase in the effectiveness of strategic communication in an organization.

Company Pages, which are the most effective way to communicate your company strategy, policies, mission/vision, and product/service plans to your employees, just got a boost to their editing capabilities.

What this means is now your Intranet admins, using simple point-and-click capabilities, can add, remove, or edit content sections on any page. This will help admins keep their pages up-to-date, since changing them is so fast and easy.

These new capabilities will work on both new and existing pages, enabling you to extend them without any programming knowledge whatsoever. To get more details on company pages, visit our on-boarding site.


Company News Improved Capabilities

Did you know studies show firms that communicate effectively are 4.5 times more likely to report high levels of employee engagement versus firms that communicate less effectively?

Company News is the most effective way to have an active, two-way conversation with all of your employees and it can now be classified into categories.

  • You can now categorize your posts by type to make them easier for employees to find. Users can now narrow down Intranet posts by Category Type, so they can quickly find the content they are looking for.
  • A company news post can also be marked as an announcement or a must read post to communicate important news and company updates to everyone.
  • Additional new capabilities, like page views, give you insights into which posts and announcements are being read the most, from which platform, and by who. This view data combined with likes and comments on the post give you qualitative insights into what employees prefer and expect. This information would otherwise be very time consuming to gather with alternatives methods, like company memos and company-wide email blasts.

To get more details on company news visit our on-boarding site.


Your Dashboard Customization

The Company Intranet Dashboard is designed to keep your users well informed by bringing information to everyone in your company from across your Intranet. The dashboard also makes this information actionable which in turn improves employee engagement. In this release of MangoApps, the dashboard has the following new capabilities:

  • New Widgets
    • Recognition widget: This widget lists the recent employees in your company who have received an award. Additionally you can also recognize your co-worker from this widget.
    • Inbox widget: This widget is great for receiving all of your updates in one place, on your dashboard. It allows you to filter and view only your unread updates and mark them as read or view all posts at anytime.
    • Forms widget: This widget gives you a list of all forms you have access to in the company. This widget is a great place to quickly find a form and make a request / submission.
  • Improved Flexibility
    • As a user you can now set the number of items you want to keep in any list widget, ranging from 1 to 99 items.

Our new widgets include forms, recognition, and inbox notifications.