New & Improved Private Messages UX

We have improved the private messaging experience to make it easier for you to have your direct 1-to-1 conversations and direct 1-to-many co-worker conversations on MangoApps which you otherwise would have over Email.

What’s New in Private Messages?

  1. To start with the private messages no longer have the News Feed UI. They are now organised by the people you are talking to making it easier to navigate, read and reply to any conversation.
  2. Private messages now have Unread messages, Pinned messages and Search all in one place.
  3. Private messaging is designed to make it fast to search for words in message content or search for conversations with a particular colleague – all from the same search bar.
  4. If the colleague is online you get a suggestion to send an IM expediting resolution of critical issues and getting status on things that are time bound.

As before you can still add more colleagues to a conversation, edit your message to fix any typos, share or upload files and delete your messages. Private conversations are visible and searchable only by you and the people in the private conversation.