New Apps and App Improvements

Polls, Questions, Recognition and Events Apps — All enhanced to help your company drive business value from them.

Polls App now Brings Many Requested Features

Now create polls with multiple custom choices (upto a max of 10) allowing for voting and decision-making in your company. The goal of these enhancements is to make collaborative work-items actionable fast via real-time feedback from co-workers.

The new polling app give users the following capabilities:

  1. The ability to select more than one choice
  2. The ability to post a comment along with the selected choice
  3. The ability to change your vote if the poll is still open
  4. Give poll creators ability to have multiple choices upto a max of 10
  5. Give poll creators a easy way to accelerate decision making by setting a poll end date
  6. Polls app gives you a quick way to get to polls that are currently open in your company and your pinned polls, so that you can vote on them or change your existing vote (if required).

These poll enhancements are available on polls created in teams and also on polls shared with your followers.



Questions App now Promotes Company Experts

Finding answers to questions is one of the most important use cases for employee social networking. The goal of these enhancements is to addresses the following real-world scenarios

  • You are working on a project with a tight deadline, but you’re stuck!
  • If you could only solve this one problem, you’d be a hero, but you can’t figure it out!
  • You have already talked to your immediate team, but no one can help!

The new questions app gives users the following capabilities:

  1. The ability to mark one answer as an “Accepted answer” which signals to everyone in the company that the answer worked for the person who posted the question
  2. The ability to vote up (and down) an answer to help others know which answers are good
  3. Employees earn reputation in the form of points and badges increasing their reputation as they climb up the experts leaderboard of the company
  4. Ability to post a clarification to the question and increase your ability to provide a better answer and get more votes
  5. Get visibility on who up-voted and down-voted on each answer
  6. Search results promote the accepted answer on the top giving employees faster access to answers that worked
  7. Improved questions widget on the dashboard giving all employees option to see un-answered, recent and popular questions
  8. All employees get access to the experts leaderboard with employees who have a largest accepted answers on the top. Additionally anyone can use the advanced search options to find a expert in the company based on expertise, skill, experience etc.,



Recognition App Gives More Ways to Recognise Employees

Recognition is an app that provides a well designed, professional recognition solution for your company. Recognition app allows workers to show appreciation for their colleagues with a specialized badge, award title, associated points and a personalized message. Recognitions are pushed in real time to recipient’s followers or team members and the award received is public to everyone in the company on the employee’s profile page to increase his or her professional reputation.

The new recognition app gives users the following capabilities:

  1. Ability to recognise 1 or more co-workers, a full team or individual members in a team making your recognition thoughtful and focussed
  2. Domain Admins can create custom award categories, enable/disable categories, setup award categories that are available to everyone vs specific people in the company, upload custom award images, setup custom points per award and add extra goodies to each award giving them the control to build a highly customisable recognition solution for their company.
  3. Recognition leaderboards celebrate the accomplishments of top co-workers and top teams by making them visible to everyone in the company
  4. Recognition widget on the dashboard has been improved to show recent individuals and teams who have received recognition
  5. Employee profile pages and teams have recognition widgets added to them increasing both individual and team’s reputation in the company



Events Get Enterprise Ready With More Controls

The real magic of social intranet happens when you can use online and offline elements to augment each other. The updated events module is a great tool on your intranet to organize large-scale physical company events, learning sessions, conferences, trips and meetings.

The new event enhancements gives Organizers, Guests and Admins the following capabilities to make life easier at work:

  1. Plan a company event, a private event or a team event all from the compose box
  2. Invite attendees internal or external to the event. External attendees get notified via email and don’t need a MangoApps account to RSVP and participate online in the event.
  3. Ability to add a agenda to the event, enable commenting and upload photos & videos to it. All event attendees automatically get notified with the agenda is updated or someone comments.
  4. Organizers have an option to enable the huddle capability as before on their event. Huddle allows them to do an online meeting / presentation using either GoToMeeting or Join.Me. The organizer needs to have an account with either of the services being used in the huddle.
  5. Event feed notification & email is improved to carry the agenda
  6. Admins now have additional control over who can create specific types of events. For more information on admin controls click here