Intranet New Page Designer & Post Improvements

The most practical page designer which will save you time because it will take care of the layout and branding requirements of the page. You pick the template of your choice, enter the content, upload the images, videos and use the widget gallery to drag and drop widgets you need. The page designer will lay your content out for both web & mobile as per the template chosen and automatically apply the branding set for your company in the admin portal. It’s that practical!

Powerful and Easy to Use New Page Designer:

An intranet’s usefulness is determined by employee participation and adoption. However in our experience, the time & effort required to set up intranet pages which are user friendly and have up-to date content on them turns out to be a daunting task for most intranet managers. To help solve this issue of designing user friendly and keeping upto date content, MangoApps is now introducing an intranet page designer having 10+ out-of-the-box templates with intuitive drag & drop capabilities to add content from over 30+ in-built dynamic widgets.

The new page designer is the easiest way to create an online intranet for your company that you would have ever used. It’s is a 3 step wizard to design a page with the functionality you need on your intranet.

  • Step 1: Pick a layout for the page from a choice of static & dynamic templates.
  • Step 2: Design the page by adding content, links, images and videos to the template. With dynamic templates you can drag n drop widgets from the widget gallery, re-order components on the page, re-size widgets on the page and create a flexible structure and layout matching your organization needs. You get to preview how the intranet page would appear on both the web browser and a mobile device.
  • Step 3: Options to set tags for quick searching and enabling comments for a 2-way communication on pages.

With the new page designer, the intranet managers for the first time get an easy to use capability to keep the company intranet fresh and up-to-date with the combination of “Static template, Dynamic templates and Widgets”


Company News & Posts Improvements:

  • Company news page has these improvements to make finding news easy:
    • Inline 1-click filtering which lists all posts for a particular category, all announcement posts or all must read posts giving you a quick way to browse posts
    • Information about post categories and tags is now visible at the top level giving you easy access to all the important information
  • Post enhancements to make it easy to write, read and navigate between then faster:
    • Compose box now gives you an option to write a new post. You can write a post and share it with all your followers, one or more teams or the full company. To share a post with the full company you need to have intranet admin privileges
    • Post viewer has been updated to make it easier to read content and to move to the next post a lot faster
    • Post preview in feed has been visually improved to show a picture (if the post has one) along with the first paragraph of content with it to give you a quick summary of it
    • Announcement widget UI has been enhanced to automatically-scroll thru’ all announcements making it easy to click on an announcement that you wan’t to read first
    • Posts as before can be saved as draft so that you can come back to complete it anytime and publish it.
    • All posts related widgets on dashboard have been enhanced so that you don’t miss the announcements and must read posts.