Launching Real-Time, Simultaneously Editable Notes

Work concurrently with your coworkers in ways that aren’t possible with traditional note-taking tools.

What can you use the new Mango Notes for?

  1. Use notes to capture meeting notes, project status & more
  2. Use notes to co-author a response to RFP,  statement of work etc with your team
  3. Use notes to stay organized with your team on action items to complete, weekly status updates & more
  4. Use notes to stay optimize brainstorming around challenges & ideas with co-workers

Real-time creation & co-editing of notes

  • Notes can be created from the universal compose or from the Notes module on your primary navigation.
  • Live, concurrent editing lets everyone to see the same note and make changes in real-time.
  • Supports up to 10 simultaneous editors working together.
  • Full support for notes & co-editing exists on the latest version of Chrome, Firefox & Safari. For IE Edge good support exists (Notes is not supported on IE 11).

Features that make using notes a delight

  • Plan & execute projects by working concurrently with your team on notes and make revisions together in real-time – there’s no limit to your productivity.
  • Stay organized with access to recently edited notes, pinned notes, and notes shared with you — all in one place.
  • Editing and styling tools to help you easily format text and paragraphs.
  • Use inline tables to capture project plan, due dates, priority and keep everyone organized.
  • Capture and track action items that come from meetings, email, or chat messages using checklists in notes, to get stuff done and stay sane in the process.
  • Use the outline to jump directly to a specific section on a long document and make your edit, post an inline comment, or just read it.
  • Your notes directly open in edit mode, reducing the number of things you have to do.
  • Initiate a 1-to-1 chat when needed with the co-editor directly from the note.

Support for inline images & GIFs

  • Notes allow embedding of images & gifs to support richer content experiences.
  • MangoApps media library is available in notes to make it easy to embed the rich content.
  • Rich content media added is available to everyone to see in real-time.

Power features that make co-authoring using notes easy

  • Never hit “Save” again
    • All your changes are automatically saved as you type.
    • When someone is editing your document, you can see their cursor as they make changes or highlight text.
  • Easy sharing
    • Securely & easily share notes with co-workers by enabling the shareable link.
    • Ability to share with specific people with 3 permission options – editor, viewer & viewer (download) is also supported.
    • Editors & owner of the note can co-edit, manage share permission & more. Viewers & above can download, pin & set reminders.
  • Inline comments
    • Give and get better feedback with inline comments on a specific part of the note; attributions show you who’s added what.
    • Use suggestions to make your edits and build about each other’s ideas.
  • Change notifications
    • Get notified after co-editors have made edits to your note, a note shared with you or a note pinned by you when you aren’t participating in a live co-editing session.
    • You will be notified for a change on the note only if the change was done by a user during the time you were not co-editing or viewing the note along with them.
    • Control your notification settings from Change your settings > Notifications > What’s important > Notes.
  • Access history
    • Editors & note creator can see who edited, downloaded, viewed, shared the note and at what time was the action done.
    • Get to know who has seen the latest edits and comments on your note

Fully searchable instantly

  • Notes are full searchable instantly making it easy to find what you’re looking for
  • Find your note quickly by title as you type in the search bar or use the power of full content search on enter.

Admin controls on defaults

  • Ability for the domain admins to change the name of the module.
  • Ability for the domain admins to set the default view filter and sort for all users.

Get a head start with out-of-the-box purpose designed templates

  • Create a new note or choose from a library of purpose-built templates & custom templates your domain admins have created. Out-of-the-box templates include
    • Meeting notes
    • Project plan
    • Project status
    • Weekly status
    • Request for proposal
    • Statement of work
    • Onboarding notes
    • Training process manual
  • Duplicate a note to create a new note with the content copied in it and get started quickly.


Data center info:

  • Applicable for non US data center customers only:
    • The content of the note is securely stored along with the rest of your domain’s data.
    • The ‘inline comments’ made by users (if any on the note) are stored separately and may be outside of your region/country.
    • Both the note content & inline-comments on it are encrypted at rest.