Launching Quick Access Browser Extension

MangoApps browser extension provides users quick & secure access to their most recently accessed MangoApps content.

What is MangoApps browser extension?

MangoApps browser extension is a simple extension that provides users quick & secure access to their most recently accessed MangoApps content. This extension automatically builds links to the items you have accessed in MangoApps so that you can get to the content that matters most to you quickly. You can star links to the top of the list, making it even faster to get to the most important content. This extension also provides links to the MangoApps modules & your shortcuts so they are just a click away even when you don’t have the MangoApps web portal opened in the browser. Install this extension and see your productivity increase.


What are the features offered in the extension?

MangoApps browser extension offers the following features

  • Quick access to content you have accessed earlier via MangoApps web portal.
  • Quick access to MangoApps modules & shortcuts.
  • Sub-menus in the web portal primary navigation are also supported by the MangoApps extension.
  • Extension supports the ability to star important items in the list which makes them stick on the top for even easier access.
  • Extension is always in-sync with your usage of MangoApps and automatically keeps your most recently accessed items on the top.
  • Extension supports having upto 100 recently accessed items in the list.

What are the browsers that are supported by this extension?

MangoApps browser extension is supported on the following browsers at this time

  • Chrome
  • Firefox

How to get started?

There are 2 ways to get started

  1. Click on the ‘Quick access’ menu on the web portal and you will see a action to ‘Add the extension to your browser’. Click on it and follow the stepsĀ  -OR-
  2. Go to the appropriate web store and install it. Web store links are:

Once installed you will need to provide your MangoApps domain URL and login into your account (only once) using your MangoApps login credentials or via your Single Sign-On (SSO) provider.