Introducing New Recognition Enhancements

Reward points, approval workflow for awards, allocation of reward points, recognitions tied to company core values, new recognition reports and ability to redeem reward points via integration with a 3rd party application are some of the new enhancements added to the Recognition module.

New Admin Settings

  • New default notification setting to configure the users who will be notified in addition to the award recipient when an award is given. This can be overridden by the user. The 2 values for notification are:
    • Notify Recipients Only: With this setting on, only the award recipients (if they have their notification setting on) will receive a push notification and see the award in their unread news feed.
    • Notify Recipients & Followers/Team Members: With this setting on, the award recipients & their followers/team members (if they have their notification setting on) will receive a push notification and see this award in their unread news feed.
  • New setting to control how many rewards can be given by one user in a month. Possible values are 1 to 10 per user/month.
  • New setting to enable or disable giving awards to users or teams.
  • Ability to enable reward points feature which allows the points to be redeemed by award recipients.
  • Ability to setup the URL to submit user redeem requests.
  • Ability to setup the default list of users who will receive the approval request, when no direct manager is assigned to the user giving the award which has reward points.

Awards With Gamification & Reward Points

  • When the reward points feature is turned ON,  domain admins can assign reward points to awards.
  • Reward points are different than the gamification points. Rewards points can be redeemed by the user from their profile page. Gamification points are not redeemable and they help users get online badges.
  • Rewards points against an award are visible to the user who is giving the award and the user who has received the award
  • An award could have both gamification & reward points

Reward Points Allocation Management

  • Domain admins can now optionally setup a list of users with upfront allocated points which they can use to give out awards that have rewards points.
  • Domain admins can use the ‘Export’ feature to get a list of managers or a list of all users in an XLS file, add the allocation points against each user and ‘Import’ it back to manage the allocation of points for multiple users in bulk.
  • Ability to add reward points and remove reward points is available at a per-user level also.
  • Ability to add new users and remove users from this list is also supported.
  • Domain admins at any time can view the ‘Total allocation reward points that are currently available’ and the ‘Total reward points that have been given out so far’.
  • If the user giving out an award (with rewards points) has their allocated points balance greater than the reward points associated with the award then they can give the award without requiring an approval. If their allocated points balance is less than the reward points associated with the award, then an automatic approval request will be generated to their direct manager (More on this under ‘Approval Workflow for Awards’ section below).

Associate Company Core Values To Awards

  • MangoApps ships out-of-the-box with a set of core values that the domain admins can manage in admin portal from under Hashtags module. Core values are tags that are assigned to the ‘Core Values’ category. Domain admins can add/edit/remove and align them with their company’s core values.
  • When giving a recognition you can now associate/align them with a set of company core values
  • User giving the award can select one or more core values.
  • The associated core values are viewable to everyone alongside the award in the news feed & on the user’s profile page.

Approval Workflow For Awards

  • When the user’s allocated points balance is less than the reward points associated with the award being given out, an automatic approval request will be generated. The approval request by default will go to the direct manager of the person (who is giving the award). If there is no direct manager assigned to the user in MangoApps, then the approval request will automatically be sent to the domain admin configured list of approvers.
  • The approval request is sent as a private message to the approver who gets notified about it in real time.
  • Private messages module has been enhanced with a new filter called ‘Action Required’ that lists all approval requests – both sent & received.
  • The approver has the option to  ‘Approve’ or ‘Decline’ the request.
  • On approval, the award is given out to the recipients and the reward points are deducted from the person giving the award & the approver’s allocated points. The reward points are added to the recipient’s redeemable points balance. If there are multiple recipients of the award then the total reward points used up will be = no. of recipients x rewards points on the award.
  • If the request is declined,  then no award is given out and no rewards point changes happen.
  • Once approved or declined, the approval status can’t be changed.
  • The approval workflow enables the requestor & the approver to have a private conversation within the context of the approval request.

User Profile Enhancements For Awards

  • A new section on the user’s profile listing the core values the user has been recognized for added. This section is visible to all users.
  • A new section on the user’s profile that shows the ‘Total points available’ and ‘Total redeemable balance’ has been added. This section is visible to only the user whose profile it is. It isn’t visible to other users who visit the profile.
  • Awards in the recognition module on a profile can now be filtered out by core values.
  • A new action on the user’s profile page to recognize the user has been added.

Redeem Reward Points via Export & API Integration

  • Domain admins can configure a URL which will be opened in the browser when the user click’s on the ‘Redeem Now’ action on their profile.
  • This URL can be a MangoApps form link which is used to collect all the redeem requests from users into a tracker. Team admins can then export the XLS from the tracker and import it in any application which they may be using today in their company for employee gift cards, vouchers, etc.
  • On completion of the redemption process, have the external application call the ‘MangoApps Redeem API’ to update the user’s rewards point balance in MangoApps keeping the redeem points balance upto date.

New Recognition Reports

  • Domain admins & team admins have a new report to get a list of awards given during a certain period.
  • Domain-wide report shows all the awards given in the company and the team report shows the awards received by the team/team members.