Launching MangoAcademy

We are excited to announce the launch of MangoAcademy!

MangoAcademy is designed to help our customers get MangoApps training whenever and wherever they want! No more trying to schedule a call, now customers can easily get videos on a variety of topics. They can even get MangoApps certified! Check out the video below for a sneak peek of MangoAcademy!

Why visit MangoAcademy?

When our customers want to SEE how to do something and not just read a help document, they need to schedule a call with our subject matter experts (this option is still available!). With MangoAcademy, they will be able to search for a video and watch it. It doesn’t matter what timezone they are in or if they are accessing from a laptop or smartphone. They have an expert on MangoApps at their finger tips.



How to get started?

Starting with MangoAcademy is FREE and EASY! All that is required is an email address. Visit and sign-up to get instant access to a library of courses and lessons!