Bug Fixes In This Release

This is the list of bugs reported in earlier versions of MangoApps that have been fixed in this release

Web & Platform Fixes:

  • People Directory: The issue of browsing people only via your departments has been fixed and now you can browse the people directory by all departments.
  • Group Mentions: Group mention in certain cases wasn’t getting notified to all group members. This has now been fixed and mentioning a group will notify all users in the group (based on the member notification preference setting)
  • Files: Public shared PDF files weren’t opening in the viewer issue has been fixed
  • Search: In file search the description field wasn’t being searched. This issue has been fixed and the search looks into the content of the file description field also before returning the file results
  • Widgets:
    • The carousel widget infinite scrolling has been fixed. After completing 1 cycle it now stops
    • The iFrame Embed widget was not auto-expanding to render the embedded form code in a dynamic page. This has been fixed
  • Birthdays:  The day of the week (mon, tue etc) on which the employee birthday actually is was incorrectly being shown on the calendar. This has been fixed.
  • Calendar:  When the timezone preference is set to 24 hours, the calendar is still showing it in 12 hour format. This has been fixed.
  • ADFS Login Overriding the Manager: When manager is configured to not be updated on user login, the MangoApps ADFS login flow was still updating it resulting in it getting overridden when the ADFS login request did not carry the value. This has been fixed to correctly handle the Manager field so that it’s value is not overridden via ADFS login.
  • Edit in Office 365 Session Expiry: First edit of a file in Office 365 was resulting in session expiry error. This has been fixed.
  • User Sync from SFTP:  The user sync every 12 hours had an issue where it wasn’t reliably happening. This has been fixed.
  • API for Team Folder: API for team folder wasn’t returning all the files in the team has been fixed.
  • De-activated Notifications: When a user is already de-activated in MangoApps, a subsequent cycle of CSV import / LDAP sync was resulting in “re-triggering” the de-activation flow causing in-app notification and email to be send out to the domain admins for already de-activated users. This has been fixed to not push in-app and email notification for user de-activation if the user is already in de-activated state.
  • Support: Support email address configured you domain admin will now be shown in in the info/error messages on the login page (non-logged in view)

iOS App Fixes:

  • MangoApps Icon Went Missing on iPad: This release fixes the MangoApps icon going missing on iPad issue.
  • Share an Update inside a Team Crash: This release fixes the crash that happens when from within a team you share an update.

Windows Desktop Client Fixes:

  • Loading of People & Team Tabs: Redundant loading of people & team tabs has been fixed.
  • Remember Me Login Issue: Even when the user had the remember me setting turned-off, the login id/password values were being remembered by the client. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • Image Not Opening in Native Viewer: When a image shared in chat window was clicked it wasn’t automatically opening in the native full viewer. The user had to download and view the image. This issue has been fixed to open the image on click directly in the native viewer now.
  • Session Time-Out handling: Handling of session time-out set by users has been fixed
  • Windows 7 client crashes: This release addresses couple of crashes that were windows 7 related

Mac Client Fix:

  • Okta SSO: On re-launch of the client the user had to re-login which has now been fixed to auto-login the user.