MangoApps Desktop & Mac Enhancements

Ability to create new chat groups, updated team menu and team settings dialogs are the improvements in this release of MangoApps for Windows Desktop & Mac clients

Create New Chat Groups

There is now a 2 step way to create a chat group which allows you to give it a name, assign a picture and configure settings in step 1 and invite users into the chat group in step 2. You can access this new option from the top menu under ‘Add Users And Chat Groups’The existing way of starting a new chat with a set of people which also creates a chat group is still available if you prefer that.



Team Chat Menu & Settings UI

The actions in the team (project/group/department/opportunity/chat group) menu have been re-organized to make it easier to find and use. The team settings UI has been simplified to make it easier to configure the settings for the team that you’re the admin of.