MangoApps iOS & Android Enhancements

MangoApps iOS and Android clients can now support multi-languages along with the ability to switch languages and have a new ability to get a shareable link to items & content in them.

Multi-Language Support

MangoApps native iOS and Android Apps now support multiple languages. With this release the 2 languages that are supported out of the box are English and Dutch. Users can switch between these two languages from within the app itself. In future releases of MangoApps you will see more languages support being directly added to the MangoApps mobile clients.


Links to Items/Content

Shareable links to items and content in the app have been added. For e.g., if you want to send somebody a link to a specific team, a specific person or a specific post you can now get the link of it in the native app and share it over IM / private message or a news feed. Here is the list of the items to which shareable links that have added:

  • Wiki
  • Page
  • Post
  • User Profile
  • Project
  • Group
  • Department
  • Task
  • Idea
  • Idea Campaign




Misc Improvements

  • Featured image in posts: The featured image set for a post on the web interface is now shown when the same post is viewed on mobile.  This makes the post view on mobile consistent with the web view
  • “Everyone” is the new default for people list: The Everyone filter in the people list on mobile is the new default to ensure that you have access to all your co-workers in the app