MangoApps Web Features & UX Improvements

The web interface of MangoApps in this release gets a new schedule module to communicate weekly shift timings of employees, new team reports for team admins, UI/UX improvements for RSS reader, edit image options, team post ui among other improvements.

Employee Schedules Module

If you have an existing schedule & shift management solution you can now integrate it with MangoApps intranet and give your employees one place to get their schedules.  Schedule module allows your employees to see their work schedule for current & upcoming weeks, get a full schedule of the store / factory they work in and the actual hours they worked in the week gone by – all on your Intranet. You make additions & changes to schedule & shift information in your existing schedule & shift management solution as you do today and MangoApps takes care to sync and show the updated schedule & shift info to your employees. An employee can generate a PDF to take a print out of their schedule or use the MangoApps private message requesting for change / swap



Team Reports

Project, group and department admins now have 6 new reports to get insights of the teams they administer.  These include

  1. Users Activity Report: A report of  user actions like creation of new posts (of any kind), viewing of posts, reaction to posts, comments and replies on posts during the selected time period in a specific team
  2. Influencers Report: A report of users whose posts (of any kind) are getting the most comments, replies or reactions along with users who are @mentioned the most during the selected time period in a specific team
  3. Content Statistics Report: A report of top content by number of reactions, comments and views during the selected time period in a specific team
  4. Questions & Answers Report: A report of questions asked in the selected time period, the first answer on them and the time it took to get the first answer in a specific team
  5. Page Views Report: A report of views that the company pages and team pages have had during the selected time period in a specific team
  6. Team Usage Report: A report on the usage trend covering number of posts (of any kind), comments, replies, reactions and views to know which projects, groups and departments are being used during the selected time period





UI/UX Improvements on Web

  • RSS Widget & Reader Enhanced: The RSS widget has been enhanced in this release to render image thumbnails and show a better preview of the content. This RSS widget can be added to your dashboard and it lists the RSS subscriptions (max of 50) that you have added.


  • Image Editing Options: In the media gallery dialog, you now have image editing options like crop, pan and rotate before including them in your page, post or wiki giving you greater control over the look of the image in the content. The edit images option are available for both embedded and featured images.



  • Posts UI in Teams: The posts module inside a project/group/department/opportunity has been upgraded to match the company posts UI


  • Birthday Year Hidden By Default: Birthday year by default will be hidden and only day & month of the birthday would be displayed on users’ profile. The users can however edit their profile and turn on the display of the year.


  • Chat Group Enhancement: When you start a new chat group with a set of people, you now have a choice to post the new IM in the latest chat group with the same set of people. This is great if you wish to have only one chat group with a set of people and not create new ones with the same set of people.



Box Enhancement

If you have configured box as your file storage with MangoApps, then the images & videos that are used in the company pages, posts and banner will be viewable to all authenticated MangoApps users even if they haven’t yet configured their box account. This has been done to enable everyone in the company to read content in company posts and pages that they are all authorized to read in MangoApps without taking the step of configuring the box account as a pre-requisite. Configuring the box account is still required to access files in other MangoApps modules including projects, groups, departments etc.,