Milestone & Task Improvements

Milestone view improvements make it easy to view and organize tasks like sticky notes in columns. Each column represents a milestone.

Milestone View Improvements:

  • View your tasks across multiple milestones in a board layout with each milestone being one column in it
  • Your milestone bucket order, filter choices and sort preferences are remembered across multiple visits
  • You have the ability to add upto 10 milestones with smooth scrolling between buckets even when there are 1000’s of tasks in the milestone buckets
  • Plan/Re-plan your agile sprints by selecting multiple tasks and re-assigning them over to the next milestone bucket with just a few clicks
  • The milestone view comes with 2 predefined buckets  – one which has tasks that aren’t assigned to any milestone and the other bucket that lists all tasks in milestones. These buckets give you a consolidated view of tasks for moving them to a different milestone or re-assigning to different people with just a few clicks
  • Milestone view now has all the powerful actions available (as with the list view) both within a project and in the main tasks module







Task Improvements:

  • In the overdue tasks filter, the tasks that are in “accepted” status are no longer included. With this improvement you can now get to the list of tasks that you have delegated across all projects which are actually overdue in just a few clicks
  • You can now set a reminder on your tasks. More on reminders is covered in the ‘Launching Smart Reminders’ post