New Capabilities For The Admin

From the feedback received from IT teams of our clients we’re happy to share the list of admin capabilities that are available in this release.

1. Ability to Configure Default Notifications & News Feed

  • As a domain admin you can setup the default notifications and the default news feed setting for users in your network
  • These changes admin makes to the defaults can be applied to all users or to only new users invited from here onwards
  • Admin can also setup the default values for “what’s important” for everyone



2. Calendar Improvements

  • You can now configure the start date of the work week for you company. MangoApps calendar will adjust itself and start the week from the day configured
  • The default start date of the week is Monday


3. Single Sign-On using Office 365

  • You can now enable Single Sign On into MangoApps using Office 365
  • Additionally “SSO” is directly accessible from the primary navigation in the admin portal


4. Audit Log Improvements

  • The following admin actions are now added to the audit log from this release onwards
    • A user is suspended
    • A guest user is converted to a network user
    • Request to export a project data
    • Request to export the full network data
  • Changes a domain admin makes to the default notifications and the default news feed settings for users will be logged in the audit log



5. New Admin Settings

  • Ability to control whether anonymous surveys can be created in the network
  • Ability to control who can delete chat messages – both private and team chat



6. Navigation to the Admin Portal

  • Navigating to Admin portal from User portal is now inside the user profile dropdown