Bug Fixes In This Release

This is the list of bugs reported in prior versions of MangoApps that have been fixed in this release

Web & Platform Fixes:

  • Forms & Trackers support for umlaut characters (in german) was broken. It has been fixed in this release to correctly show labels and description with umlaut characters in them
  • When comments are turned off on a post, users could still post a comment on the news feed for the post. This is now fixed. The users won’t be able to post a comment via the news feed when the post creator has turned-off comments
  • Search on user profiles wasn’t including fields like ‘Bio’, ‘Also known as’, ‘Personal details’ .  This has now been addressed and these fields are automatically included in the search for users
  • RSS subscription widgets had stopped working. This has been fixed now and any RSS 2.0 subscription URLs will be supported. Also the RSS widget title will maintain the case entered by the user
  • PDF with Chinese characters weren’t showing correctly on the viewer. This has been fixed in this release
  • Tags weren’t being considered to narrow down the matching files on search. It has been fixed and tags you specify in the advanced search filter will be considered to narrow the matching file search results.
  • Some emojis in chat were getting rendered as text. This issue has been fixed
  • The dropdown in a form in some cases became very small. This width issue with form drop-downs has been fixed
  • Share an update on twitter was broken. This is now resolved and you can share any update on twitter (if your domain admin has enabled sharing)
  • At times there used to be a ghost unread count in notification which has been fixed
  • While browsing the web interface a JS undefined error gets shown sometimes. The underlying issue has been fixed and this error won’t appear again
  • UI white space when scrolling down to view a list of all groups has been fixed
  • When a news feed has large comments, clicking on previous comments didn’t return the list of comments. This issue has been resolved by doing pagination on comments
  • Pages widget items not redirecting to correct pages has been fixed