Introducing Personalized Notification Management

Get only notifications you need and want on the platforms of your preference. Additionally control what appears as unread in your news feed.

Not all notifications are equally relevant to you and neither are all news feed in your unread. Thankfully, by tweaking a few settings you can now customize notifications and unread news feeds to stay focused on the things that matter while turning down the volume on things you find distracting.

Here are some highlights:

  • Your notification options are
    • Everything: You’ll be notified for every new notification.
    • Important Only: You’ll be notified for important items only. You can customize what important means for you.
    • Nothing: You won’t receive any notifications
  • You can now also control what is kept as unread in your primary and secondary news feed. The same options are available here also:
    • Everything: You’ll have all the new items kept as unread in your news feed
    • Important Only: You’ll have only the new important items kept as unread in your news feed
    • Nothing: You won’t have any of the new items kept as unread in your news feed
  • You can configure the notification options to be different for each platform – Web, Desktop, Mobile and Email
  • You can customize what’s important for you from over 150+ configuration settings giving you full control over your notifications.
  • By default, you will receive all notifications on web, desktop, mobile and receive important notifications only on email. Additionally, in primary news feed all new items will be marked as un-read and for secondary news feed nothing will be shown as un-read.
  • Some teams (projects, groups and departments) are more important than others. So in addition to your account notification preferences, you can also set team-specific notifications per platform. The team specific notifications can be set from the team page or from Change My Settings > Team-Specific notifications section
  • As a domain admin you can set the default notification and unread news feed settings for all users in your network.