Overview of Release 12.4

Here is the list of items in our November 2017 release.  It has some cool new enhancements, UX improvements and bug fixes.

  • Key Enhancements for Domain Administrators – This release adds the following key enhancements for the domain administrators:
    • Advanced configuration settings for all SAML providers including Okta, ADFS, OneLogin and others
    • New notification control options for new version of files in pinned teams, pinned trackers and when new schedule is available for users
    • New admin setting to enable URL shortener for all external links shared in MangoApps and ability to enforce different time-periods for Touch ID based access
  • MangoApps Web Enhancements & UX Improvements – The web interface of MangoApps in this release gets following key features:
    • External page links in company menu at any level
    • New settings to control who can share new updates, ask questions and conduct polls in a team (project/group/department)
    • Surveys enhanced to have mandatory questions
    • Misc UX improvements including improved cropping of images and copy/paste of content from microsoft word
  • MangoApps iOS & Android Enhancements –   iOS and Android clients now support:
    • New schedule module to communicate employee shift information on mobile
    • Touch ID support to unlock/access MangoApps has been added
    • Ability to pin teams and get quick access to them via filters has been added
    • Misc UI/UX improvements like news feed loading and external pages in company have been done
  • MangoApps Desktop & Mac Enhancements – In this release, Windows Desktop & Mac clients get:
    • New chat group settings to add/remove admins
    • Ability to copy from clipboard and paste directly in the chat box
    • Notification toaster improvements like keeping the toaster open until you click/close it
    • Misc UI/UX improvements like blinking of chat icon on new message & improved reconnect experience
  • Bug Fixes: Reported issues on the earlier versions of MangoApps have been fixed.
  • What’s Removed/Changed In This Release:  Items that were deprecated in earlier releases have been removed permanently starting this release

MangoApps Release 12.4 went live for US shared cloud customers on Nov 30th (Thursday) & for everyone else on Dec 5th (Tuesday), 2017.