MangoApps iOS & Android Enhancements

New schedule module on mobile, ability to set up Touch ID, pin your teams for quick access, support for mandatory questions, external pages linked in the company are the improvements on iOS and Android clients in this release.

1. Schedules module

  • Communicate employee schedule & shift information on MangoApps Mobile using the new schedule module that integrates with your existing schedule management system
  • Schedule module now allows your employees to see their work schedule for current & upcoming weeks, get a full schedule of the store / factory they work in and the actual hours they worked in the week gone by – all on both iOS and Android Apps


2. Touch ID Support:

  • You can now setup Touch ID to unlock and get access to the MangoApps mobile app. As a backup, when you are setting the Touch ID you would be required to setup the PIN as well.
  • If the admin has made touch id/pin required then users would be required to set it up on the next launch of the app (if they haven’t already). If the admin hasn’t made touch id/pin required then the users still have the option to set it up if they want to.

3. Ability to Pin Teams

  • You can now pin projects, groups, departments from the mobile app that you most frequently access.
  • New filters for pinned projects, pinned groups and pinned departments have been added to give you quick access to your pinned list.


4. Misc UI/UX Improvements

  • News feed loading experience has been improved
  • Ability to take surveys with mandatory questions has been added to the mobile apps
  • Company pages with externally linked pages is now supported on the iOS and Android apps