New Capabilities For The Admin

Based on the feedback received from MangoApps administrators, here is the list of new admin capabilities that are available in this release.

1. Single SSO (SAML) Enhancements

As a domain admin here are the new configuration settings & control you get when you configure SSO using SAML for your domain:

  • Ability to configure user profile field mappings for Okta & OneLogin SAML providers. This is similar to what is already supported for ADFS.
  • Ability to configure user identifier field that would be passed in SAML assertion API to MangoApps from the provider. Available options include Email Address, samAccountName and Employee ID. This configuration is now available for all the 8 SAML provider options supported out of the box by MangoApps.
  • A new setting to control whether users get auto-provisioned in MangoApps via SAML SSO

2. New Notification Options

As a domain admin here are the new notifications settings that you can control and setup the default for all users in your network:

  • Ability to setup default notifications for add/edit/delete operations on user’s pinned trackers
  • Ability to setup default notifications for new version of files in user’s pinned teams
  • Ability to setup default notifications for new schedule availability

3.  New Domain Configuration Settings

As a domain admin you can now configure:

  • Ability to setup and enforce different time periods for the Touch ID/PIN feature to unlock/access the MangoApps Mobile app.
  • Auto-shortening of external urls shared anywhere in MangoApps. If this setting is ON any URL that does not belong to your domain is automatically shortened.
  • Additional formatting options in help module text boxes.