MangoApps Desktop & Mac Enhancements

New chat settings for chat group admins, copy/paste from clipboard improvements, new toaster settings and UI/UX improvements like blinking of chat icon on new message and improved re-connect experience are some of the improvements on the windows and mac clients in this release

1. New Settings for Chat Group Admins

  • Ability for chat group admins to make a chat group member an admin (or remove them as admin)
  • Ability for chat group admins to remove members from a chat group


2. Ability to Copy/Paste From Clipboard Directly into the Chat Box

  • You can now copy an image in your clipboard and directly past it in the chat box and share it with your message


3. Notification Toaster Improvements

  • You have a new setting where you can decide to keep your toaster open until you click on it / close it
  • Clicking on the toaster now opens the chat window (in case of an IM) and the details in the browser (in case of a notification or private message)


4.  UI/UX Improvements

  • On windows client the minimized chat icon on the task bar will blink forever on receiving a new message until you open the chat. This is done to ensure that you don’t miss the indication that there is a new message while you’re working on another app
  • Help on the client has been enhanced to enable contacting your domain admin for help and also the MangoApps support team directly from the menu.
  • In case of the client re-connecting (due to network connection issue) the refreshing/re-loading experience of the chat history has been improved to not wipe-out the existing messages.
  • Create of a chat group on Mac has been enhanced to be a 2-step process like the windows client