New Controls For The Domain Admins

Domain admins from the admin portal can apply the new settings like default landing page, widget colors, file notifications and more to all users in the domain

  • Ability to turn on/off Dashboard as a standalone module and add it to all users navigation


  • Ability to approve all pending team join requests across your entire domain from the approvals tab


  • Ability to configure your own Office 365 App in your Azure AD


  • Admins can set the 2 new file co-editing notifications for all users from the admin portal


  • Admins can now set the title color of the dashboard widgets from Branding > DashboardThis title color would be applied to widgets on both web and mobile dashboard.


  • Admins can set the default landing page for all users directly from the admin portal



  • Any change to Dashboard by the admin will now be logged in the audit log


  • On the native windows desktop & mac clients, if you are a domain admin, you now get the ability to access the admin portal directly from the client to manage your domain and users.