MangoApps iOS & Android Enhancements

Dashboard as a module in your primary navigation, ability to pin files, share extension improvements, non-member access on mobile, chat improvements with video and audio talk are some of the improvements in this release of MangoApps iOS and Android clients

Dashboard as a module:

  • Dashboard as a top-level module is supported on both iOS and Android clients starting this release
  • This is available immediately for new customers from here on. For existing customers this will be made available in a phased manner over the next 4 weeks.



File enhancements:

  • Ability to pin a file and a folder is now available on the mobile
  • View a list of all pinned files & folder under a new pinned node in the files module on mobile
  • Files widget on mobile dashboard shows the list of pinned files/folders  (if the filter has been selected on web dashboard)




Share extension enhancements:

  • Users can now share into MangoApps any external file; for e.g, a document from Box, OneDrive, Dropbox via the “Share” action  in the respective clients can be shared directly into MangoApps team or with a specific list of people.
  • Mentions UI in the share widget has been improved



Video experience improvements:

  • Dashboard, pages, posts that have videos embedded from Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia now will play on both iOS and Android clients
  • Video references of earlier uploaded videos attached in feeds or embedded in pages, posts now will play on both iOS and Android clients
  • The video player has been upgraded to provide a more smoother video playing experience


video02_1504166971 (1)


Non-member access support:

  • If the team admin has enabled “View access” to specific pages and/or wikis in a private team to non-members, then the pages/wikis can be accessed by non-members in the mobile app from here onwards (similar to the access that has existed in the web interface)




Chat enhancement:

  • A new feature to talk by recording your short video or just your voice is now available
  • This feature is available in both private and group chat




Miscellaneous enhancements:

  • The events feed UI has been improved to show the details like when and where the event is, including the next recurrence date (for recurring events)
  • Landing page module you have set on the web platform will now be in effect on your mobile app (disclaimer: if the module is not supported in the mobile app then the first module on your primary navigation is the default landing page)
  • The title color of widgets which the domain admin has set will now be in effect on your mobile dashboard