Bug Fixes In This Release

This is the list of bugs reported in an earlier version of MangoApps that have been fixed in this release

Web & Platform Fixes:

  • Events with dates spanning across a month failed to be created has been fixed
  • RSS subscriptions not loading for some RSS sites has been addressed in this release
  • XLS file upload of sizes > 50MB were taking very long to upload has been fixed. These files now upload fast like any other file type
  • Rich text related widgets when edited were resulting in content disappearing has been fixed
  • Issue with poll end across different date formats of MM/DD/YYYY and DD/MM/YYYY has been fixed
  • Previews shown for links shared in news feed went missing at times has now been addressed. The link previews will be shown
  • The hamburger icon went missing when MangoApps user portal was opened on the iPad. This has been fixed now
  • On rich text widget in some cases the text at the bottom was getting cut. This has been resolved
  • Landing page setting in some cases wasn’t getting applied to old users. This has been fixed in this release
  • The image in announcements widget getting cut has been fixed
  • Tracker with some accented characters sometimes don’t load. This issue has been fixed
  • Re-send of invite for guest users not working has been fixed

Mobile Fixes:

  • The issue of company pages showing up blank when you login via Okta has been fixed
  • PDF file names in Chinese wasn’t opening on iOS client. This issue has been fixed now
  • Thumbnail for video wasn’t showing up in the multimedia widget on the mobile dashboard. This issue has been fixed now

Desktop Fixes:

  • At times a GIF file doesn’t show in the chat box. This issue has been fixed now
  • Windows desktop client when running in the background used to crash running. This issue has been fixed now
  • At times the picture of the person who sent the image used to be incorrect. This issue has been fixed now