MangoApps Desktop & Mac Enhancements

New cleaner UI, reduced memory footprint and easy access for admins to manage users & the domain are the improvements in this release of MangoApps for Windows Desktop & Mac clients

Each Module Gets It’s Own Tab:

  • The native desktop and mac clients now can have upto 6 tabs – one for each module. These include
    • Notifications: This is the list of all your notifications from people you follow and teams you are a member of
    • Messages: This is the list of private messages you have sent or received
    • Chats: This is the list of IM conversations (private & team) you have had
    • People: This is the list of users in your domain
    • Teams: This is the list of teams (projects, groups, departments) you are a member of
    • Files: This is the activity log of synced files on your desktop
  • Notifications, messages and chats tab show a count of un-read items to know what you need to catch up on
  • UI for actions on the top to Compose, Add New Users and Online Help have been cleaned up





Memory Footprint Reduction:

  • Overall memory used by the client has been reduced
  • Memory leaks when a chat window is opened & later closed has been fixed


  • MangoApps for Mac the minimum requirement now is OSX 10.10 & above