Misc Web UI Enhancements

Misc. enhancements requested by customers added in this release

  • Media Gallery Search

    • Media gallery search has been improvement to search in hashtags in addition to name by default

  • Calendar Widget Filter

    • New filter in calendar widget to view only company holidays & important dates has been added

  • Users New Filter

    • Filter and view only users who have logged in the last month

  • Content Statistics Report

    • Unique views for the different content types is now available in the content report

  • Network User Only Feed

    • Network user only feed UI has been improved to be more intuitive

  • People Widget Shows Job Title

    • If ‘job title’ is enabled in the user profile, it will now start to show in the people widget

  • Teams List Dropdown

    • To improve team page loading performance & simplify UI the teams list dropdown inside a team has been removed