Alternate Email Address Support

Ability to select an different email field to receive notifications on. This support enables users to receive email notifications on their personal email address when they don’t have a company email address.

  • Admin Setup For Email Notifications

    • Domain admins can now select a email field on which the email notifications will be sent for all users
    • Domain admins can select from all the email fields enabled for the domain
    • MangoApps will ensure that for the user if the email field selected to receive notifications is empty, it will automatically attempt to send the email notification on the primary email
    • Domain admin have a setting to enable users to select the email field to receive email notifications on


  • User Setup For Email Notifications

    • Network & guest users can now select a different email field from their profile to receive email notification on (if domain admin has enabled it)
    • Default for the user to receive email notifications in their primary address