What’s New For Domain Admins

Here is the list of new admin features & improvements that are available in this release.

1. Latest Technology Upgrade To Provide The Highest Level Of Security On Cloud

MangoApps technology platform from the operating system to the application stack have been upgraded to their latest versions making this release the most secure MangoApps cloud platform to-date. As part of this technology upgrade a 3rd party application vulnerability assessment was done and all vulnerability items found have been fixed. Some examples of vulnerabilities that were addressed include:

  • Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • Cross-Site Scripting (Persistent)
  • Insecure Cross-Origin Resource Sharing Policy
  • User Emails Enumerable
  • Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
  • Weak Encryption Protocol


2. New Admin Features & Improvements

  • Export of users & user profile information
    • Users & their profile data can now be exported with the following new filters.
      • Export Selected Users
      • Export All Network Users
      • Export All Guest Users
      • Export All Team Admins
      • Export All Not-Logged In Users
      • Export All Suspended Users
      • Export All Users
    • The export is available in XLS & CSV formats.
    • There is a new admin only notification setting that will notify domain admins when the export for users request is ready for download (typically it would take < 2 mins to get the exported file ready for download).


  • Ability to setup permissions that dis-allow team admins from merging 2 teams
    • Our customers have asked to provide additional control to domain admins to configure if team admins can merge teams that they administer.
    • A new setting has been added to this effect where like other team admin actions, “Merge” can also be turned ON or OFF based on your company’s requirement.

  • Ability to jump to manage user portal directly from the user’s profile page
    • A domain admin can now directly jump from a user’s profile page to manage user’s page (in the admin portal) and perform administrative actions on the user account

  • Ability to re-order custom fields & multiple-choice field values 
    • You can re-order custom fields in the admin portal to control the order in which they appear for the users.
    • You can now re-order the order of the “choice values” in a multi-choice custom field without having to delete / re-add them in a different order.
    • This capability is available for
      • People custom fields
      • Project & Group custom fields
      • File custom fields


  • Ability to delete a user & their complete profile information permanently but keep the content posted
    • You can now permanently delete a user account from your domain.
    • As part of deleting the user & their profile information the content (e.g., projects, wikis, posts, updates, tasks, ideas etc) posted by the user would be automatically transferred to a system user called “Anonymous”


  • 1-to-1  video, audio & screen sharing now integrated in MangoApps (BETA)
    • There is a new option under huddle which gives your users in-built video, audio  & screen sharing capability in 1-to-1/private chat without the need to signup for a 3rd party service.
    • At this time it is limited to between 10 – 15 total hours per month for your domain and is available at no additional cost.
    • This feature is in beta and is available on Windows Desktop & Web IM bar at this time.