Desktop & Mac Enhancements

MangoApps desktop & mac apps in this release have added support for uploading very large files (upto 10GB per file) using File Sync.

CPU Usage Reduction

This version of Windows client uses 50% less CPU even while you are having multiple active chat windows in use at the same time. This improvement is available on both 32 bit & 64 bit windows systems.


1-to-1 video, audio & screen-share with a co-worker from the chat window (BETA)

  • From the chat window of any co-worker you can now directly start a video & audio call.
  • The co-worker will get a link in the 1-to-1 chat window to join. Clicking on this link the co-worker will automatically connect with you.
  • You can share the link with 1 more co-worker to include them in the call (so a max of 3 participants are supported on a call at this time).
  • One call can have a max duration of 1 hour and all participants will be notified about 5 mins prior to the end of the call.
  • Anyone of the participants can also share their screen. Screen share will replace the video stream for all participants.
  • Participants have the ability to turn off their webcam or mute the audio if they choose to
  • Since this feature is in BETA, there is a limit to maximum number of hours of calling time you get for your full domain. It will be anywhere between 10 to 15 hours of video/audio calling time per month.


Sync of Large Files (upto 10 GB) Support

For all cloud customers, MangoApps File Sync can now sync very large files (upto 10GB per file) securely in your my drive, a team drive or the network drive.

MangoApps supports syncing of most kinds of files (with a few exceptions that are listed here –

With this increase in per file sync size, you can now have upload and share large videos in your MangoApps network which can’t be shared using other file storage & share cloud services or send over email.

MangoApps sync clients support the large file upload feature by breaking your large files into parts and uploading a number of parts in parallel. If the upload of a part fails, MangoApps automatically handles it and simply re-uploads only that part in its re-try operation.

Multipart sync feature is enabled by default from version 12.10 of MangoApps Windows & Mac client for all files larger than 5 MB.