What’s Changed/Removed in this Release

List of items that have been changed/removed starting this release

JavaScript on Pages: From this release onwards only domain admins & intranet admins will be able to embed Javascript code on pages. Team admins will not be able add or edit the Javascript code. This is being done to prevent data privacy leak via custom javascript code by collecting user information when users visit a team page. Domain admins can still add/edit custom javascript code on company, team & department pages while intranet admins can add Javascript code to intranet & department pages only. Like before domain admins can completely turn off this capability for everyone (including domain admins & intranet admins) if they want to from the admin portal.

Compose Dialog on Web: From this release onwards the universal compose dialog on web has been simplified to not have tabs. When you select a type of post to share you will not have the option to switch over to another type in the compose dialog.

Crowdsourced Translations + Google Auto Translate: Translations done via the translation UI are no longer compatible with the latest MangoApps software stack and so the ability to translate strings directly from the UI has been removed. The google auto translation of web portal has also been removed and at this time MangoApps web  & mobile is translated into 5 languages out-of-the-box in addition to english – Dutch, Chinese, German, French & Spanish. Please use the ‘Report Translation Issues’ option in the help center to submit the changes to translated/non-translated strings that you would like to see happen in MangoApps

SugarCRM: SugarCRM based integration has been removed because there are no known customers using it and there APIs are no longer compatible with the latest secure MangoApps software stack. In future when the vendor SugarCRM provides a compatible API and there is a market driver, MangoApps may plan to re-build and introduce it back.