Mobile iOS & Android Enhancements

MangoApps mobile apps in this release get the following new features & improvements

  • Easy access to modules with the new primary navigation bar at the bottom

    • Modules are now directly present on the bottom navigation bar making them just 1 tap away to access.
    • Additional modules (that don’t fit in the bottom bar) are inside the “More” menu.
    • The order in which the modules appear in the bottom navigation bar is as per your preference setup using the web interface.


  • Notification preference per team with the new ‘admin posted items only’ setting

    • You can now setup your notification preference for each team directly from within the mobile app.
    • The notification preference values for a team include:
      • Notify me for everything
      • Notify me for admin posted items only
      • Notify me for important items only
      • Do not notify me for this team
    • If for a team, your notification preferences are not set, then your default account level notification preferences apply to that team.
    • These notification preferences control what gets notified via push in real time and the notifications you see under the bell icon in the app.


  • Setup who receives poll notifications when you create a new poll

    • When you create a new poll from the mobile app, you have a new setting to control whether others would be notified when a user takes the poll
    • Default for this setting is OFF.