Software Fixes In This Release

This is the list of issues reported in earlier versions of MangoApps that have been fixed in this release

Web & Platform Fixes:

  • Audio playing in videos: Sound in videos that had audio recorded in ‘aac’ audio codec weren’t playing. The sound issue has now been addressed.
  • Wiki delete issue: Delete of wikis whose feed was deleted was not working. This has been fixed
  • Paste from GoogleDocs issue: Content copied from GoogleDocs when pasted in MangoApps had formatting issues. This has been fixed.
  • Guest user issue: Guest users could not be invited to a team that had only files module enabled. This has been fixed
  • Template edit issue: Ability to edit the default project setting in the template from private to public was not working. This has been fixed
  • Removing user from department issue: Domain admin from users list in the admin portal was unable to remove a user from a department. This has been fixed
  • Widgets in right hand section:  Even when the right hand section on news feed was disabled the widgets panel in the section was loading.  This has been fixed
  • Form issue: Reloading the form after the first submission was broken. This has been fixed
  • .mov video issue: Videos with .mov extension in uppercase were not loading & playing. This has been fixed
  • Widget title issue: Widgets with the word “admin” in the title had an issue rendering. This has been fixed

Mobile Fixes:

  • Create new office files from iPad: Ability to create a new online word/ppt/xls document from iPad was failing. This issue has been fixed
  • Posts created from template: Posts created from a post template on mobile had issues rendering correctly. This has been addressed
  • New version of file link in notification:  File link in the new version of file notification was broken. This issue has been fixed
  • Navigating to pages and back to a module: Navigating to a page and then to news feed or company module did not show the content. This issue has been fixed
  • Active ago issue: Users last active at time in some cases was shown as ‘active 44 years ago’. This issue has been fixed
  • Crash on external sharing: When you attempt to share a file or photo using Share > MangoApps from external apps MangoApps would crash. This issue has been fixed
  • Upside down iPad issue: When the iPad is kept on flat surface, the orientation of the screen was upside down. This issue has been fixed
  • Reminders on android:  Auto refresh of reminders on android was causing  an undesired popup to appear. This issue has been fixed

Windows Desktop Fixes:

  • Self presence issue: Your presence being incorrect at times even though you are online has been fixed
  • People list refresh: People list taking too long to refresh issue has fixed
  • Move of base sync folder path issues: Changing the base sync folder path caused multiple sync failures. These issues have been fixed and the base folder path can now be changed by users without causing file sync to break.
  • High DPI issue:  GIF & Emoji picker were shown disconnected from the main chat window on high DPI monitors. This has been addressed
  • Empty notification issue: When a team award was given an empty notification was received. This issue has been fixed.
  • Chat window freezing: On refreshing of list if you got an IM, the chat window would freeze up. This issue has been fixed.