Mobile iOS & Android – Enhancements & UX Improvements

MangoApps mobile apps in this release get the following new features & improvements

  • Launch 3rd party mobile apps from MangoApps

    • The quick link widget on mobile dashboard & shortcuts on primary navigation now support links to launch 3rd party mobile apps.
    • The links support passing in the OAuth2 access token to the 3rd party apps providing a seamless OAuth2 based SSO experience to users.

  • Post improvements

    • Post viewer has been upgraded to support better formatting of headers, line spacing and content including support for tables.
    • Users now can directly view the full post from the feed with 1 tap

  • Priority IM using important messages

    Regular IM in MangoApps work perfectly for most situations. But some situations are so time-sensitive that they could use a stronger signal. That’s why MangoApps is introducing Priority Messaging, to help you emphasize your most important IM and encourage quicker response times.

    Marking a message as “Important” would:

    • Keep the message at the top of recipient’s chats until they are read.
    • Generate a special notification sound to get the recipient’s attention.
    • Override any muting setting that may have been set by the recipient.
    • Have a visual clue using a red label marked as “Important”.
    • Instantly give you visibility into when the important message was read.
    • Additionally, if you’re waiting too long for a reply to your IM, you can now re-send that message as an important message.

  • Misc Items

    • Loading of company module with 100’s of pages in the menu has been improved.
    • Co-worker names with spaces can now be searched in the type-ahead and added to a team.   
    • Team admins (& domain admins) can now delete comments & replies posted by other team members from mobile.