New Capabilities for Domain Administrators

Here is the list of new admin features & improvements that are available in this release.

1. Multiple SAML server instances can be added now

  • Admins can now configure multiple SAML server instances (upto a max of 5).
  • SAML servers can be configured to be of the same type or can be of different types (e.g. ADFS, Okta, Centrify etc).
  • Users will have an option to login from web & mobile SSO sign-in pages to any of the configured SAML servers.
  • Removing a SAML server would deactivate the users & archive the groups that were synced via it.

2. Sync of groups & group membership now supported for ADFS based login

  • Groups & their membership can now be synced as part of SSO login with ADFS.
  • You can configure the group creator for the newly synced groups.
  • The synced groups in MangoApps are created as private groups.

3. Invite users enhanced with greater control on invitation emails

  • Admins now have the option to control whether the invite email carry’s the MangoApps login & password or the SSO login information.
  • This control is available via different invite methods
    • Invite via Email
    • Import Users
    • Re-send Invite (to a never logged-in user)

4. Fetch from URL enhanced with greater control over group membership

  • Group members sync has been enhanced to support 2 new options
    • Match membership exactly with what’s in the CSV. This option results in automatic adding & removing of group members.
    • Only add new members present in the CSV. This option results in automatic adding of group members but no automatic removal of members.

5. Audit log improvements

  • Adding & removing of team members is now audited in the admin audit log.
  • IP Address of the user that made the change is now tracked in the audit log.

6. Ability to re-label private messages module

  • Messages modules can now be re-labelled by the domain admin.
  • The name will be effective on all MangoApps platform.

7. Additional expiry options for login token

  • New options of 30 minutes & 1 hour for login token expiry have been added.

8. OAuth2 authorized app URL

  • You can now setup a URL for the authorized 3rd party app passing in the OAuth access token as a parameter. This would enable the invoked 3rd party app to  make API calls to MangoApps without the need to re-authenticate/re-authorize providing a seamless SSO experience.
  • This App URL of the 3rd party app can be added to the MangoApps Quick Links widget or as a shortcut on the primary navigation for all your users to use on both web & mobile.

9. Links in Emails now support auto-direction for both network user & guest/local user accounts

  • Links in emails to guest & local user accounts who are un-authenticated will automatically redirect to ‘MangoApps login page’ and links in emails to network users who login via SSO would automatically get redirected to the ‘SSO provider login page’ when SAML auto-redirect is on.