Miscellaneous Web Enhancements & Usability Improvements

From the feedback we received from our customers, here are the some of the web improvements that made it into this release.

Poll Improvements

  1. Poll results are now displayed in a pie chart to make it easy to show relative-ness between responses.
  2. There is a new option to export the poll results in an excel file at anytime.
  3. New notification options to control who gets notified when someone votes.




CRM Enhancements

  1. Now it is easier to get started with the CRM module of MangoApps by importing your existing opportunities in bulk with a CSV file.
  2. Ability for domain admins to give specific set of people “View Access” to all opportunities in your network.



New Widgets

  • A new twitter widget is now available in the widget gallery. Like other widgets it can be added to user’s dashboard or dynamic pages.
  • Widgets for quiz & survey modules are also available in the widget gallery.




Actions Inside A Team Enhanced

For all enabled modules inside a project, group or department you now have a quick way to create new content directly from the Feeds module, saving you the extra step to go into the specific module to create new content.



Mark Everything As Read

On News Feed in addition to marking everything on the page as read you have a new action to mark everything as read in both primary & secondary tabs.



Login To Your Account from mangoapps.com

Forgot your specific MangoApps domain/site URL ?  No problem – Just go to mangoapps.com, click on the login link on the top right and just enter your email address. You will be re-directed to your specific MangoApps domain/site and you can then login.



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