MangoApps for Windows & Mac Enhancements

If you use MangoApps native clients for windows or mac, this release has some great new features like voice notifications, selective folder sync, silent upgrade and more for you to test drive.

Automatic silent upgrade (with no admin privileges)

MangoApps for windows client from this release onwards has the ability to silently upgrade itself when a new version of the client is available. This automatic silent upgrade does not need admin privileges on your PC; the user account with which you are logged in on your windows PC is sufficient for the silent upgrade to work. This is great way for users to always be on the latest version of MangoApps without taking extra steps to upgrade and also reduce the workload on your IT for software upgrades. However, if for some reason, your organization don’t wish to have the automatic silent upgrade  feature, your MangoApps domain admin can turn off the upgrades from the MangoApps admin portal. This automatic silent upgrade feature is available for MangoApps for Windows client only. MangoApps for Mac client at this time would continue to prompt the user to upgrade when there is a new version available.


Voice notifications for chat & private messages

If you are a person who has their head-phones on while working, voice notifications feature may be a great addition to try out.  Any time there is a new chat message or a private message, the first 50 words of the message will be translated (in English) for you to listen. You can then decide to switch context, if you need to respond to the message or continue with your work. At this time this feature is available 1-way for listening to notifications and all responses to that would have to be typed out. This is our first step towards a voice enabled MangoApps, so your feedback on how voice notification worked for you is very important to us. This feature is available on both Windows & Mac clients.


Selectively sync specific folders from your teams

Have a lot of folders & files in your teams and not enough free space on your computer to sync on? We got you covered – With this release of MangoApps you select / un-select specific folders inside your projects, groups & departments to sync on your computer. Un-selecting folders earlier synched doesn’t remove those folders from MangoApps – so they’ll still be available on the Web and on any other computers you sync your account with. This feature is available on both Windows & Mac clients.


Open a document from web directly in MS Office on your PC

You can open any document listed in MangoApps Files module on web directly into MS Office installed on your windows PC without having to download the document. This feature is available for Windows platform only.


Ability to mark all notifications as read

If you just need to mark all your un-read notifications as read without marking them read one at a time you now have the option to mark everything as read with a couple of clicks. This feature is available on both Windows & Mac clients.