MangoApps Web New Features & Improvements

The web interface of MangoApps in this release gets Chat as a full module, new UI for Intranet posts, new capabilities for dashboard widgets, 4x faster document upload, 25% faster page load time among other improvements.

Dashboard Moved Out Of Company Module

All MangoApps Social Intranet customers, would now see the dashboard moved out of being a page inside the company module, to being a top level module in their primary navigation. This provides a cleaner and clearer separation between the employee’s personalized content (dashboard) from company-wide content (posts & pages). Additionally, this now allows admins the ability to set either as their domain landing page (as both dashboard and the company module are destinations in themselves).


Chat As a Module With New Capabilities

  • Chat functionality in MangoApps is now packaged as a standard module and available from the primary navigation
  • The chat module brings together all your chat conversations – private, team (project/group/department/opportunity) and ad-hoc chats together. You can also start a new chat from here
  • All your chat conversations are searchable from here giving you easy access to the decisions made in your work chat
  • Name and set a photo for your ad-hoc chats to make them easy to identify for everyone in the conversation
  • Photos, videos and audios shared in chat are showed and played inline along with all other actions on them
  • Team admins can now turn off chat module at a per project/group/department/opportunity. Domain/team admins can also configure to allow only domain/team admins to post chat messages in a specific project/group/department/opportunity. These 2 new settings per team are a great way to use chat in teams effectively without increasing noise for everyone




New Posts UI

  • There is a new engaging posts UI to share your company news, announcements & posts with everyone.
  • A new settings for intranet admins to show or hide the announcements & must read widget on the posts UI is now available.
  • As part of composing the post you can now associate a “featured image or video”. This featured image/video will be shown in the post listing. If featured image/video post is not provided then the 1st image/video in the post will be used.
  • This will become the posts UI moving forward and the other post views will be deprecated in a future release. Read more in what’s deprecated in this release


Embedding Media in Editor Enhancements

  • The media dialog now offers “pre-defined sizes of images” to embed in posts, pages, wikis and ideas. These predefined sizes include – small, medium, large and x-large. Additionally as before you can set the image to take the full width of the container or any custom size.


Dashboard Widgets Enhancements

  • All dashboard widgets now offer an additional customization capability to turn off their headers
  • The UI of the notifications widget has been enhanced to show media (photo, video and audio) inline along with the notification message
  • Twitter Embed widget has been improved to show more items in the list as per the embed code
  • Posts widget UI has been improved to include the post’s featured / first image

dashboard02_1506203075 dashboard04


Files Improvements

  • Documents & videos upload speeds has been improved. It now takes 1/4 the time to upload a documents than it took in prior releases.
  • Hash tags assigned to files are now shown in the files list. Clicking on the hashtag shows the list of all files that are tagged with it.

files01 files02

Reminders Come Into Social Intranet Standalone Product

  • Now MangoApps Social Intranet Only offering also supports smart & manual reminders like the MangoApps Team Collaboration & All-In-One product offerings


Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Recognize Module: You can now select multiple award recipients using the people selector.
  • Tasks Action Bar: The accessibility to task actions like set reminder, copy link etc., from the list view has been made easier
  • Notifications Bell: The notifications bell now shows you the unread count of your notifications instead of just showing a new indicator.
  • Post Views Export: In the exported csv of post views additional user information e.g., Employee ID