MangoApps iOS & Android Enhancements

Further improvements in video playing, improved dashboard widgets UI, chat as a module support and iOS 11 ready are some of the improvements in this release of MangoApps iOS and Android clients

Video Enhancements

  • Videos now will auto-play in news feed as you scroll thru’ the stream when you’re on wifi. Users will have a setting to turn on/off this behaviour
  • The UI experience on receiver side while waiting for videos to be ready to play has been improved


Mobile Dashboard UI Enhanced

  • The UI of widgets on mobile dashboard has been upgraded to be more cleaner
  • Branding & settings you apply to dashboard widgets on web will now be applied on mobile dashboard as well like no widget headers, color of widget headers etc.,



Chat Module

  • The position of chat module on primary navigation set by the user on web will be applied on the mobile client also.
  • Turning off chat for a team will be remove the ability to send a IM in the team from iOS and Android clients



Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • iOS 11 Ready: MangoApps for iOS has been tested to work on the latest version of iOS 11