MangoApps Desktop & Mac Enhancements

Improved inline video & audio playing in chat, improved search bar accessibility and quick actions on a group are some of the enhancements in this release of MangoApps for Windows Desktop & Mac clients

 Chat Improvements

  • Ability to play videos and audio files inline


Search Improvements

  • Search bar has been moved to the top to make it easily accessible
  • The search is a local client search at this time. It searches in notification messages, private messages, chats titles & last message, people names and team names you see on the client.



search03 (1)

Usability Improvements In Teams List

  • Primary actions on a team are brought out in the main list for quick access. These actions include:
    • Team Settings
    • Mute Team
    • Add Members
    • View Members
    • Leave Team
  • Cleaner & clearer filters & sort options UI