New Capabilities for Domain Administrators

Here is the list of new admin features & improvements that are available in this release.

1. GDPR Readiness With MangoApps

  • For our EU customers we have provided information on how they can be GDPR-ready with MangoApps the platform here –
  • We’ve clarified key GDPR requirements by grouping them into two different action categories: “Customer” and “Shared”. Customer actions are requirements that the customers of MangoApps perform and shared actions are those that need to be performed by both MangoApps and the customers of MangoApps

2. Encryption Support in Fetch From URL

  • The file containing the users, groups and group membership info that is synced with MangoApps over SFTP can now be encrypted for additional security
  • The “AES-256 key” used to encrypt the file should be provided to MangoApps so that it can be used to decrypt it as part of the sync process

3. Limit on Concurrent User Sessions

  • With this release admins now have the control to limit the max number of concurrent sessions they can be logged into MangoApps per platform. The default is 4 concurrent sessions per platform.
  • MangoApps considers the platforms to be – Web, iOS, Android, Desktop & Mac (iOS includes both iPhone & iPad)
  • When the number of sessions for a user exceeds the admin configured value, then the user is “automatically logged out” of the “oldest session of that platform”.

4. Google Cloud Identity as a New SAML Provider

  • With this list admins can now configure “Google Cloud Identity” as a SAML provider
  • Users synced from Google Cloud Identity can be mapped to user profile fields in MangoApps in the similar manner as done for other SAML providers.