Mobile Enhancements

MangoApps mobile apps in this release include the following enhancements

Ability to invite guest users into a project & group

  • Invite guest users to a project or group by entering their email addresses separated by a comma
  • Who can invite guest users is as per the project/group guest setting value

Ability to approve requests to join a project & group

  • Project & group admins can approve or decline a join request directly from the notifications dropdown
  • Whether a  join request can be sent or not is as per the project/group join setting value

Ability to convert a member to a team admin

  • Team admin can now convert a member to a team admin
  • Network & team admins are indicated with a label in the team’s member list

View of company posts, team posts & wikis improved

  • Viewing of posts & wikis on iOS & Android has been improved to now match closely the view in the web browser
  • On posts the comments now don’t show the change log entries in it

Podcast / Audio file playing enhancement

  • A podcast / audio file continues to play when the iOS app goes in the background
  • While the app is in the background, you can control the volume, skip ahead and rewind using the native audio control screen on the iOS

Quick A-Z scroll for teams

  • A-Z scroll provides a quick way to jump to a smaller list of projects and groups

New actions bar in chat

  • Special: Ability to set a message important, self-destruct after it’s read, require a read receipt and have a special effect are options you can set from here.
  • GIF: A list of GIFs to choose from and share

Upgraded to Android 8 (MangoApps for Android App)

  • The app has been upgraded to use API level 26 to provide an experience that is optimized for security and performance