Desktop & Mac Enhancements

MangoApps desktop & mac apps in this release have added the following enhancements

Lower CPU requirement & improved connection management

  • Chat window CPU requirements are reduced by 25% in this latest version compared to the older versions.
  • Improved connection management, faster detection of connection status and automatic re-try mechanism has been added.
  • Connectivity check dialog UI has been improved to report status for both application server and messaging server.


Selective sync per teams’s file sync setting

  • Only teams that the team admin has allowed to be synced are shown in selective sync list to choose from
  • Team or folder which was synced on your PC/Mac in the past but now disallowed by team admin to be synced is automatically removed from your PC in the next cycle and moved in a backup folder (on your local PC/Mac)

Chat actions bar UI updated

Actions bar in private & chat windows has been improved to make it easier to access all important actions. On windows & mac clients the bar has the following actions:

  • Special: Ability to set a message important, self-destruct after it’s read, require a read receipt and have an effect (e.g., balloons) are options you can set from here.
  • GIF: A list of GIFs to choose from and share
  • Emojis: A list of GIFs to choose from and share
  • Call: Voice, video and screen sharing call in private chat can be made from here.
  • Attach: Attach multiple files from your PC or MAC from here.

Client performance during file sync improved

  • Client is about 25% faster that older versions even when file sync is on
  • File sync summary now shows the most recent 1K synched items
  • Simplified turning on/off sync with no heavy refreshes of the client after the sync on/off operation is complete