New Features & Web Interface Enhancements

MangoApps web interface in this release has the following new features & usability enhancements

Share a status update, a company post or a team post on behalf of the executive

  • Compose dropdown has 2 new options – Update As Assistant and Post As Assistant
  • These new options appear for users who have been added as assistants only
  • Updates & posts made by the assistant using these new options get shared with the executive as the author for them
  • The assistant will get to see the teams that they and the executive have in common to share an update/post in them
  • Assistant or the executive can also make edits to the update or post after it’s posted
  • Assistant or the executive can delete the update/post shared by the assistant on behalf of the executive
  • Assistant can schedule the post created on behalf of the executive to be posted at a future date. Prior to the post before shared on the scheduled date, MangoApps will check to ensure that the assistant is still an active user with permission to post on behalf of the executive

Share GIFs in news feed, comments, replies, private messages and chat

  • Browse or search thru’ a list of GIFs and attach one along with your update/post or comment/reply
  • The attached GIF will automatically play in the news feed
  • Attaching a GIF is now also available in private messages, private chat and group chat via the IM bar

New organization chart view

  • You can now view upto 500 people auto-expanded in the new organization chart.
  • For > 500 people you can click on the “+” icon below the person’s name and the next level of people will show up
  • Org chart shows a picture, name and the designation of the person
  • Org chart comes with “Pan” & “Zoom” controls to navigate thru’ it in the browser
  • Domain admins have a new capability to get a list of users who don’t have a manager assigned (in admin portal)

Two new system groups for domain admins & intranet admins

  • All domains will now have 2 auto-created private groups for admins – Domain Admins group and Intranet Admins group
  • Domain Admins group will have all domain admins in the domain as it’s members
  • Intranet Admins group will have all intranet admins in the domain as it’s members
  • Since the membership to both these group is role based, it will be automatically managed by the system and no user can be invited, removed or join it
  • A non-member can post an update or ask a question in both the groups. So now if users have a request to make or a question to ask from domain admins or intranet admins they can simply post it to the appropriate group (without having to worry about finding out who the domain/intranet admins in their company are).
  • Domain admins have the option to archive these groups. These groups however can’t be deleted

Search results for multi-words search terms

  • Search results at the network and team level now show more relevant results for multi-word searches. For example if the search term is “computer peripherals” then the items returned in the results will now have “both” the search terms”computer” and “peripherals” in the title, description/content or hashtags
  • To ensure higher relevancy certain words like “a, an, are, as, at, be, by, for, from, how, i, in, is, it, of, on, or, that, the, this, to, was, what, when, where, who, with, the, www” are ignored when searching.
  • List of teams on which the search is performed are the users teams + public teams + private teams which allow non-members to post/view their posted updates. The list of teams searched in are now the same for both network & admin users.
  • Search results are by default ordered by more relevant ones on top and then by time

New hashtags widget for your dashboard & pages

  • Add one or more hashtag widgets to the dashboard, company pages and team pages to show list of news feed which are tagged with the hashtag
  • The new widget supports matching multiple hashtags also. It can be configured to match all or any of the provided hashtags
  • In a team page, the matching content would be limited for that team only
  • Maximum of 99 matching items can be displayed
  • The item in the list can be clicked to get full details
  • This widget is available on both web & mobile platforms

New capabilities to filter announcements & post widgets

  • Announcements, posts and must read post widgets have been enhanced to included additional filter options
  • The new filter options include – All, Company posts, Company & team posts, Pinned posts
  • Post widget has also been enhanced to support a new slider view in addition to it’s existing list view
  • These widgets are available on both web & mobile platforms

Improved full screen view for trackers

  • Trackers now show up in full screen view from anywhere they are opened (news feed, tracker list)
  • Organization of actions & filters on the tracker viewer has been improved

Ability to set hashtags in bulk for multiple files & folders

  • Select multiple files & folders and set hashtags on them from the files module
  • Assigning hashtags to multiple files/folders in bulk will replace any existing hashtags that were set on them with the new ones

Download user profile information in a vCard format

  • Download the basic profile info (name, job title) and contact details (email address, phone number and address) as a .vcf file
  • This download is available from the user’s profile page

Ability to duplicate a wiki

  • Any viewer of the wiki can now duplicate the wiki and create a new one in their team
  • This would make it easy to create wikis with similar layout / format

Widget gallery makes it easy to find a widget with search

  • Widget gallery dialog now has a new search bar to find a widget quickly by name
  • This is available in both dashboard & company pages widget gallery

Chat messages with special characteristics

  • All options (new & existing ones) to set the instant message to have a different characteristic are now available under the “+” icon in the chat box. This includes:
    • Mark the IM as Important: Marking the IM as important keeps the IM at the top of recipient’s IM notification with a red label marked as “Important” until they are read.
    • Mark the IM to Self Destruct: Marking the IM to self destruct enables the message to be automatically deleted (in 2 mins) after it has been read by all the recipients. This feature can be turned on or off by the domain admin.
    • Mark the IM to require a Read Receipt: Marking the IM to require a read-receipt enables the sender to know when the message has been read by the recipient.
  • Additionally you can now send a GIF  over IM

Total views & unique user views

  • Dialog that shows who has viewed a post now has both the total views count & unique views count

Email subject for announcements & posts

  • The post title is now the subject of the email for company announcements and posts
  • Team announcements and post emails also have been changed to include the title of the post in the email subject

Reduce noise with one notification/news feed when multiple files are uploaded at a time

  • When multiple files are uploaded in a team and you notify all the team members, now only 1 notification/news feed for all the uploaded files will be generated (instead of  1 notification per file as was the case before)
  • This change would help with noise reduction when files are uploaded in bulk

Slider widget now supports upto 25 slides

  • The slider widget now supports adding upto 25 image slides per widget
  • You can add multiple slider widgets on the dashboard, company & team pages

Multiple addresses on the profile page

  • Enter multiple addresses on the profile page e.g., work address, home address
  • Mark one of the addresses as the primary address

Get the embed code of team’s news feed

  • Team admins get access to the team’s news feed code to embed in a external service / company intranet (e.g,. SharePoint)
  • Viewers on the external service / company intranet where the MangoApps embed code is added need to authenticate before they can view the content.
  • Only authorized users are allowed to view the news feed content on the external site
  • The news feed embed code supports single sign on with SAML & OAuth providers configured in MangoApps
  • Viewers/users on the external site where the MangoApps embed code has been added can also react & comment on the feed directly (if enabled by the team admin)

Control over turning on or off  file sync for a team

  • Team admins now have control to allow/dis-allow their team members to do a full 2-way sync of team files
  • Be default this setting is ON for all teams

Add events in bulk from an XLS to the team calendar

  • Add a list of events to your team calendar in bulk from an XLS or CSV file
  • The imported events will be team events and so would automatically appear in every team member’s calendar


Control over join option for public or private teams

  • Team admins can now control if the join action is visible to non-members for a project or group
  • If the setting to join is enabled for a public project/group then a non-member can click on it and join without any approval
  • If the setting to join is enabled for a private project/group then a non-member can click on it and that would send a approval request to the team admins. On approval the user becomes the member of the project/group and can view the content
  • If the setting to join is disabled by the team admin, then no join button would be seen for the team.

Quick access to your domain’s login page from

If you visit and use the “Login” button on it to access your domain’s login page then from this release onwards it would become easier to do it. You’ll be asked for your email address once and then on subsequent visits you would automatically be re-directed to your domain’s login page on click of login button