Miscellaneous Web Improvements

Move file & folder experience improvement, recognition widget enhancement, events widget enhancement, faster viewing of images in news feed, media center and posts are some of the web improvements in this release

Move of files & folder improvement

  • Move of one or more files & folders experience has been improved (with new navigation, breadcrumb links)
  • Users can select the destination location with a UI that is super easy to navigate
  • Ability to create a new sub-folder in the move workflow has been added
  • Users have the ability to move multiple files & folders from one team to another as part of this workflow

Recognition widget enhanced

  • Recognition widget has been enhanced to show award recipients for a specific award
  • New options properties to select a specific award category and a specific award have been added to the widget
  • The recognition widget with these new properties will be available on dashboard, company pages, team pages and new feed widgets area
  • Recognition widget can now be duplicated as well

Events widgets enhanced

  • In custom event widget, new view option to show only event details with no organizer picture has been added
  • In event widget the sort order has been updated to be most recently upcoming¬† event on top

Misc other enhancements

  • Post summary digest email subject has been changed to not have the first post title in it.
    • For the daily post digest email the subject will be – Your daily MangoApps update
    • For the weekly post digest email the¬†subject will be – Your weekly MangoApps update
  • File access tracking XLS has been enhanced to include the user profile fields in it
  • Profile vCard has been enhanced to include the user’s profile picture. Adding the vCard into outlook contact list now will import/add user’s picture in addition to contact info.
  • Recognition & greeting ‘Your message’ limit has been increased from 1K to 5K

35% faster in rendering of images

  • Image attachments in news feed & media center will render 35% faster than before
  • Images in posts module render faster than before
  • Featured image for PDF quality has been improved making the text written on it crisper & clearer to read