What’s removed/changed in this release?

Items removed/changed in the release

Active Directory/LDAP Sync

  • Hourly sync of user data has been removed and instead a 8 hour sync cycle has been added. This has been done as user & group sync for domains¬† (> 2000 users) takes > 1 hour to complete. This caused multiple hourly syncs to be active for the same domain at the same time causing data issues.¬† Along with a 8 hour sync cycle, changes to basic user profile data will happen on users’ next successful login (when sync profile on login setting is ON) if the login happens before the 8 hour cycle.


Active Users Report

  • Active users report earlier used to report users who have 2 or more than read/write activities in the time period selected. This has been changed now to include users with 1 or more read/write activities.