New Enhancements in Mobile Apps

Media gallery enhanced with advanced filters & search bar. Posts have been enhanced with ability too associate a category and set archival policy as part of creating the post. Office 365 widget pack on mobile are the features added in this release

Media gallery enhancements

  • Advanced filters have been added
    • Ability to filter by media category, sub-categories, hashtags and media types is now available
    • Ability to filter by media custom fields setup by your admin is now supported
    • The results can be ordered by recent on top or pinned on top
  • Share media link
    • Shareable link of media result set filtered using advanced filters is now available
  • Search by media nameĀ 
    • Ability to search media by name has been added
    • Recently accessed list of media by the user is available prior to the search making it easier to get back to already visited media


Post enhancements

  • Post view counts
    • Post view counts are displayed to all users now when the admin setting to show it is enabled (becomes aligned with the web)
      • On the post view
      • On the list of posts
    • For posts that require acknowledgement the ack’ed list of users is shown to all users when the admin setting to show it is enabled (becomes aligned with the web)
  • Create a post enhanced
    • As part of creating a post from mobile ability to select one or more categories has been added
    • Ability to edit a post and change the category is also supported
    • Categories associated to a post are shown in the post view
  • Archive of a post
    • Ability to archive a post is now available from the mobile app
    • Archiving a post will hide from the list of posts.
    • Users can still find archived posts using search
    • In the posts module a new tab that lists the archived posts has been added
    • During create a post you can set the date the post should be archived automatically


Office 365 widget pack available on mobile

The following office 365 widgets are now available on dashboard, company pages & team pages on mobile

  • Team Channels
  • SharePoint Sites
  • Outlook Email
  • Outlook Tasks
  • Delve
  • Stream