MangoApps For Windows Desktop & MAC

For the users out there who prefer to use native windows client or the mac client over the web browser to be notified and communicate with co-workers, this release of MangoApps for desktop & mac should make you happy! It comes will some thoughtful UX improvements, addresses connectivity and file sync related issues reported in the past releases.

This release of MangoApps for Windows & Mac includes:

Chat UX Improvements:

  • Filter to quickly get to only your “Unread Conversations/Chats”
  • Message send with media now appears as one chat item in the chat window (earlier it resulted into 2 chat messages)
  • Colorful emojis are now available to use in chat
  • Chat window now allows for as many chat heads to be opened based on the space available and the last used width for  the chat window is preserved
  • Old chat history auto loads as you scroll up in the chat window
  • You can now directly jump from the 1-1 chat window to the private message dialog for the user


File Sync Improvements:

  • Duplicate file handling robustness as part of sync has been improved.
  • My Drive sync stability has been improved to handle cases when my drive sub-folders are shared with other users.
  • Sync robustness to handle large files when they are dragged and dropped into the sync folder has been improved.

Other Improvements:

  • Docking of teams section to make it easy to get to all your team chats.
  • Re-connectivity on session expiry has been improved and made automatic.
  • ADFS based login has been improvement to remember last user’s login id and reduce the number of clicks to re-login
  • Office plugin editing capabilities on XLS with protected cells has been improved.