Bug Fixes In This Release

  1. Bug in yearly billing where guest users were getting billed has been fixed
  2. Bug around shortcut not getting removed in some cases from primary navigation has been fixed
  3. Acknowledgement required setting at times not appearing during new creation of post has been fixed
  4. Tags with umlaut characters not getting saved has been fixed
  5. Poll choices with “%” in them weren’t getting saved bug has been fixed
  6. Attaching a file to an event was failing in some cases item has been fixed
  7. Inviting a guest user flow on IE 11 error has been fixed
  8. Invite email in a moderated domain not including the personal text entered by the invitee has been fixed
  9. Multiple choice custom field when >15 choices, some choices go missing bug has been fixed
  10. @mentions look ahead not showing users when they are > 20 matching users bug has been fixed
  11. Navigation issue to get to the full list of posts in a group when only posts module is enabled has been fixed
  12. Widget titles having characters that caused issue in saving of the dynamic page has been fixed
  13. User type aheads in a tracker with 10K+users not loading has been fixed
  14. Deleting of virtual folders inside a team issue has been fixed