MangoApps 14.1 Release Overview

MangoApps Release 14.1 went live for US data center customers on March 18th

Post Enhancements

    • Rich post insights to measure engagement
    • Boost post to get higher engagement
    • Image adjustor tool to make a perfect featured image

Automatic Inline Translations

    • Automatic inline translation for user shared status updates, questions & posts
    • Out-of-the box automatic inline translation supported for 54 languages

Search Enhancements

    • Fast access to recent search terms
    • Save your search to get back to it in future
    • Access to advanced search simplified
    • Improved search relevancy for posts & files
    • Save search for everyone (domain admins only feature)
    • New search report available for domain & team admins

Tracker Enhancements

    • Tracker dashboard widget improved
    • Archived entries available for download
    • New notification settings for pinned trackers

Automated Feedback Collection

    • Automated way of collecting on-going feedback about your instance of MangoApps from your users
    • New report for domain admins to view the rating & feedback from yours users

Misc Other Improvements

    • Insights on users who have viewed ballots now available
    • Virus scan new settings for domain admins

Mobile Improvements

    • Post news feed visual improvement
    • Private message support for boosted post
    • File download as per admin set virus scan setting