Post Enhancements

Get detailed post insights along with the ability to boost a post over SMS, Email & private message to get higher engagement

Rich post insights to measure engagement

  • Creator and admins now get full ‘Insights’ on the post
  • Insights summary includes
    • Total count of users with whom the post is shared
    • Count of users who have viewed the post
    • Count of users who have not yet viewed the post
    • Number of times the post has been boosted
  • Insights has a graph plotted that shows the total views per day for up to 60 days from the post creation date
  • Ability to download the insight report in XLS format
  • Post history tracks the post creation, post edits and post boost details


Boost post to get higher engagement

  • Post creator & admins can boost a post to get to 100% of the intended audience to view the post
  • Boost of the post can be done over the following channels
    • Private message
    • Email
    • SMS
  • Boost via Private Message
    • Post creator & admins can boost
  • Boost via Email
    • Only admins can boost via Email
    • Users need to have email address added in their profile to receive the boost
    • This option is visible only when the domain outgoing email setting is turned on by the domain admin.
  • Boost via SMS
    • Only admins can boost via SMS
    • Users need to have a mobile number added in their profile to receive the boosted post link over SMS

Image adjustor tool

  • Featured image for a post now enforces a minimum size of 527 x 326 px
  • When you select an image from media gallery or upload a new image the new cropper & panning tool ensures you get an image that will appear the same under different resolutions for all your users
  • Media types supported for a featured image are images & GIF. Video, audio and any other media type can’t be a featured image
  • On Publish or Schedule, you will be prompted to set a featured image if you haven’t set one
  • Actions to replace, upload or remove have been added to the ‘Edit Featured Image’
  • When featured image is not set  then the post will use the title and a background color to show the post in the posts module