10+ New Features For All Users

Dashboard widget enhancements, file enhancements, event enhancements, recognition enhancements, project, group improvements and more are just some of the many new features added in this release for all users

Dashboard & Pages Widget Enhancements

  • Post Widget: The following new capabilities have been added to the posts widget:
    • Ability to filter posts by a category
    • Ability to duplicate the posts widget
    • New filter option to view posts that belong to your teams only
    • Choices to view the posts as a slider or as a list
  • People Widget: This widget gets the following new capabilities:
    • A new option to show people with upcoming work anniversaries has been added
    • Specific people in list view has been enhanced with an option to provide description for each person in the list
  • Rich Text Widgets: Rich text widgets have been enhanced to include support for
    • Table
    • H2 to H6 headers
    • These additions are in rich text widget & rich text with media widgets on dashboard, company pages & team pages.
  • Slider Widget: This widget has been enhanced to support re-ordering of slides
  • Holidays Widget: This widget has been enhanced to show multi-day holidays
  • Custom Events Widget: A new events widget that promotes the upcoming custom events like
    • Webinar, training, workshop etc events
    • Ability to see the upcoming events in two different views
    • Link to the calendar to view all events of the type
  • Must Read & Announcement Widgets: The following new capabilities have been added to the must read & announcements widget:
    • Ability to duplicate the must read & announcement widgets
    • New filter option to view must read & announcement posts in your teams only

File Custom Fields & Access Tracking Enhancements

  • Bulk editing of custom field values:
    • Ability to select the specific custom fields to update on multiple files and not update other custom field values
    • Ability to track which specific custom field was updated in the file access tracking log
  • Team admins control on file list view:
    • Ability to setup the file list view to show important meta data / custom field information upfront
    • Re-order, show/hide meta data/custom fields, hashtags etc will be supported
  • File comments & details 
    • Actions to get to File Comments &  File Details have been added to the file actions bar on the top
    • This gives direct 1-click access to both the information
  • File tracking export
    • Export of all actions taken on a file logged in ‘File Access Tracking’ is now available for export in CSV format (in addition to PDF format)

Recognition Enhancements

  • Ability to give awards to specific team members in the team is now supported
  • The award notification is sent out to all team members and the news feed for the award is posted in the team activity stream
  • The specific award recipients get the award points associated with the team and the award appears on the recipient’s profile page

Event Enhancements

  • Now create custom events that have been activated by your domain admin
  • Pre-setup custom events include the following
    • Out Of Office
    • Travel
    • Training
    • Workshop
    • Seminar
    • Fundraiser
    • Outing
  • Depending on the behaviour configured by the domain admin custom events can generate a notification in a location group,  team, direct reportees, manager, peers or only to specific people. Custom events can be configured to require RSVP or no RSVP at all.
  • Custom events show up on the calendar like other events.
  • Calendar has new filters to view custom events of specific types only

Ballot Enhancements

  • New configuration setting added at a per ballot level to configure ballot action labels
  • Re-circulation of ballot is now possible with the following rules
    • Data from the original ballot is maintained in re-circulated ballot
    • Only voters who have previously voted can re-vote in a re-circulated ballot
    • Even a closed ballot can be re-circulated (and it becomes a open ballot)
  • Integration with NetSuite brings in additional custom fields for the ballot members and displays that in the eligible voters list

Projects & Group Improvements

  • Ability to get unique a unique URL for projects list per category & groups list per category is now available. Use this URL in quick links widget or as a short cut in the primary navigation. The URLs will work on both web & mobile apps
  • Team admins can turn ON / OFF the  email integration in a specific team from “…” > Configure Integrations option now
  • New action to directly add new members as team admins to the team

Location Improvements

  • List of locations is order by name (A-Z) or user’s location is shown first depending on domain admin settings
  • Location details dialog now has a quick access link to the associated location group
  • Location based group admins can be part of multiple location groups now

Notification Improvements

  • New notification option added for intranet admins when they convert a regular company post to a must read post or announcement they now have a choice of notifying all users
  • Notification settings in the ‘What’ Important’ dialog now have separate tabs for greetings, recognitions, levels and badges settings
  • ESN settings tab that had some settings have been moved to general settings tab

Web IM Bar Improvements

  • UI of IM bar now can be changed as per your company branding
  • Your presence status is now visible directly on the IM bar
  • Quick actions to download, view & share the media/file shared over chat are available

Open APIs Integrated With Postman

  • Developers wanting to integrate with MangoApps using its restful APIs can now execute MangoApps open APIs using the new MangoApps – Postman integration
  • When you click on the “Run in Postman” for the first time you will be asked to download/launch the postman client for windows or mac.
  • On launch of the postman client  “MangoApps” project that has all the APIs will be automatically added to the client.
  • You can then try out each API (that is all setup) one at a time or in API sets to see them working against a MangoApps test domain


Misc Other Improvements

  • Private message export: A private message conversation can be exported as a PDF by any participant in the message
  • Mark chat as read:  Ability to mark a unread chat message as read directly in the notifications list (like available for feed notification) has been added
  • Post viewer: A quick link to jump to the team posts page to view al other posts in the same team as the current post
  • Tasks edit: Ability for the project admin to edit any task in the project is now supported